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         While you're browsing our units, you may be considering all of the things we can do for you and your family. We suggest thinking globally while you're acting locally. Our products don't simply provide your home or office with clean water; they also provide our planet and it's resources a much needed reprieve from the pollution and excess of modern industry. Below is an explanation for how it is we can enable your home or business to be Green - using minimal resources and causing minimal effect to the environment. Modern industry demands efficiency. Our products are aimed at an ecological efficiency that our earth demands.

"The benefits of a whole house water filter ... will be contributing to the long-term health of you and your family."
- Mandy Thomson of the Home Water Filter System Guide, Whole House Water Filters

"...All things considered, filtered water is probably the best choice."
- Dr. D.S. Braun, CA, The Importance of Water

Green Living WateRx Appliances
Minimizes or eliminates contaminant production in daily living.
Eliminate chlorine and other contaminant chemicals in water from the home and environment.
Conserves natural resources by eliminating the costs to produce, distribute, and recycle bottles; and in turn, eliminates plastics from biodegrading in landfills for up to 100 years.
Eliminate the need to purchase bottled water.
Efficient use of natural resources in producing components that provide a lifetime of use and benefits.
Manufactured with Lifetime components.
Utilizes technologies that lengthen life cycles and minimize consumption of materials and resources.
Feature Advanced Cleaning Technology that ensures long media life.
Favors companies with plans that can ensure the most efficient operation of their equipment. This minimizes the unnecessary use of energy and materials to produce new components.
Feature National Service Plan.

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