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Whole House Technology
The Whole House series of units is our line of full-home, salt-free water filtration systems that leave healthy minerals in your drinking water while removing damaging microbes and chemicals. Using principles similar to our Under Counter filtration, these units are designed to attach at the main water inlet to your house.

With units designed specifically for either well or municipally-provided water supplies, we can offer you protection from water dangers at all points of use in your home. Not only will one of these units keep you safe, but it can simultaneously offer you a better tasting cup of coffee, more refreshing showers and cleaner laundry.

Our Whole House units are your total-home defense against the barrage of pesticides, chemicals and microbes present in your water.
  • Media Layer I Removes:
  • Bacteria (with optional UV), Asbestos, Algae, Rust & Dirt, Giardia, Cryptosporidia
  • Media Layer II Removes:
  • Sulphur, Arsenic, Dissolved Iron
  • Media Layer III Removes:
  • Chlorine, Mercury, Odor & Color, Off-Tastes, Pesticides, Heavy Metals, Volatile Organic Chemicals, Tri-Halomethane, Carcinogens
Under Counter Technology
The success of our products rests on the layers of defense we build between your family and your water supply. The water is drawn in through the enitre surface area of the ceramic candle. The ceramic serves as the industry's most efficient porous filter, and it is able to collect particulates and bacteria measuring to only minute fractions of the human hair. Once inside the ceramic section, the water is washed through a bed of granulated carbon and ion exhange resin. The carbon pulls out chemicals and improves the aesthetics of your water (taste, odor and coloration). Then the water is washed through a section of resin that will remove metals, and soften the water. We use small, precise amounts of resin to ensure that none of the healthy minerals are removed from the water, in turn ensuring that your water is the healthiest it can be. The upper portion of the cartridge is a second and final wash of carbon. From there the water comes straight to your glass free of harmful contaminants and bi-products of environmental conditions. These elements come together to provide you with the healthiest and cleanest water our industry can offer!
  • Ceramic
  • Filters incoming water to 0.2 microns trapping particulates and bacteria.
  • Resin
  • Through a process of ion-exchange, draws out lead and other harmful metals.
  • Carbon
  • Removes chemicals and impurities, and improves the look, smell and taste of drinking water.
Ultraviolet Technology
Here at WateRx, we provide you with the ultimate technologies for maximum protection.

For true total protection, this ultra-violet light accessory is attached to one of our whole house units. The intense heat of the light performs a continuous flash killing of the microbial and bacterial contaminants existent in the water supply.

So, on top of the filtration layers that remove the majority of the contaminants by bonding to and capturing them, this unit will get the microscopic contaminants that no filtration can catch.

Give us a call and ask about our Whole House Water Plant Systems, today!
  • UV Accessory
  • An accessory to the Whole House unit that burns out any uncollected microbial contaminants with ultra violet light.