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In the water purification market, there are a lot of options, and we want you to see for yourself why a WateRx™ Appliance is the best choice for your home or business. We have the most efficient, least expensive water purification appliances on the market, and no matter what your needs, we're sure we have an appliance that can benefit you. Below is a comparison between our products and the competing technologies. See with your own eyes why our products are the best decision you could ever make for your home or office.

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Bottled Water | Softeners | Reverse Osmosis | Faucet & Pitcher Filters
Bottled Water
Most bottled water is filtered tap water. Dasani and Aquafina (Coke and Pepsi products, respectively) are produced using water from Detroit and Fresno.

Bottled water is conveniently purchased or delivered and travels easily with you while you're on the go. However, bottled water is expensive, and storing it uses valuable space in your pantry or refrigerator.
VS WateRx™
WateRx™ appliances provide better-than-bottle quality water throughout the house or office at an annual cost of one-quarter cent ($0.0025) per gallon.
Softening water is a process of removing calcium carbonate from the water through an ion exchange process which replaces the hardness from the water with sodium.

Water softening can save you money on laundry soap and prevent spotting on glassware and shower doors. But, the cost of maintaining a softening system can run $240 dollars per year not including labor. The bags of salt are heavy and cumbersome and the added sodium leaves your showers feeling soapy and unrinsed.
VS WateRx™
WateRx™ appliances remove some hardness but do not make "soft water." Since the appliances do not require salt there is no sodium added to the water. WateRx™ appliances do not leave you with a soapy feeling after showers, and they have the added benefit of removing chlorine making your showers healthier. (The media in the appliance will need regular servicing in 6 to 60 months depending on the unit.)
Reverse Osmosis
Reverse osmosis (RO) is a process by which water is forced througha very tiny filter known as a semi-permeable membrane. RO will remove almost anything from your water. However, in doing so it will strip out healthful minerals and some units waste as much as 5 gallons of water for every gallon of clean water they produce.Additionall, RO can only provide limited amounts of water per day - typically enough to supply one kitchen faucet.
VS WateRx™
WateRx™ appliances do not use an RO process so they do not strip out healthy minerals, they don't waste water and the Whole House Systems can provide a nearly unlimited amount of better-than-bottle quality water throughout the home or office.
Faucet & Pitcher Filters
These systems are generally "Activated Carbon" filters. They provide clean water with by way of a simple system with a short life span. These are inexpensive because they are small and easy to use, but they need to be monitored and replaced regularly. Failure to maintain one of these systems can lead to algea and bacteria build up in the system. Some systems even have a lag time before the system is ready to use.
VS WateRx™
WateRx™ appliances remove more contaminants than these pitcher type filters. They use a layered approach to contaminant removal that provides better quality water and a longer life span. Our Whole House Systems provide this superior quality water not only to one sink or faucet but to the entire home or office.